[Ansteorra] Can someone confirm/deny for me?

Audette audette at sapheron.org
Fri Aug 13 14:50:04 PDT 2010

I lived in Ansteorra not that long ago, and prior to that, An Tir.  (now
Atlantia, and soon to be Calontir...  I'm getting good at setting up house)

While in An Tir, I learned a song called "Born on the Listfield", and was
told to never write it down or record it.

That was basically confirmed while I lived in Ansteorra, although I will
admit that I last lived there a few years ago.  I was told that the creator
of the song was Ansteorran, hence my bringing this question to this list.

I have been asked by an old friend to record the song for them, and they have
indicated that the request to not record it has been lifted.  For obvious
reasons, I am very leery of doing so unless I can confirm from another
source that this is true - can "Born on the Listfield" now be recorded?

I hope I'm not setting off a firestorm of emails with this question, but I
need to know before I can respond to my friend's request.

Thank you,

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