[Ansteorra] ISO an anvil

Sluggy! sluggy9912 at swbell.net
Fri Aug 13 15:16:51 PDT 2010

>> I have a lot of Harbor Freight tools, but not an anvil from there.

Their 55 lb anvil is either pretty soft steel or just cast iron; same with the 
15 pound. There is no ring to them at all.


Gabby got this Russian made 110 lb anvil from Harbor Freight as a gift for me a 
couple of years ago. It rings like a glass bell.

The horn is not particularly conical and the surface of the horn was pretty 
rough. Lots of time with sanding discs in the angle grinder and polishing with 
emery belts has made it into a decent horn, though still not as pointy as I 
would prefer.

The face has machining marks indicating that they could have run the mill over 
the face a little slower for a better finish.

The hardy hole is apparently cast into it. It's at the goofy angle probably to 
assist in releasing from the mold. As yet, it hasn't been a problem, but I 
really only have one hardy at this point. The use of a proper bick would 
probably suffer from the offset....

For all these little issues, it's been great for the limited bit of work I've 
done lately. It's seen more use in fabricating brackets for motorcycle parts and 
repairing door hinges than cuttlery...

The bad news is that I haven't seen one there since then.


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