[Ansteorra] Living Arts experiment

willowdewisp at juno.com willowdewisp at juno.com
Sat Aug 14 09:53:19 PDT 2010

Are any of you up for an "Living Arts" experience. At night time at Chemin- Noir''s Fall of of the Dragon I plan to be an Decadent  Noble for my Living Arts activity.
I plan to eat fun and evil food and watch and cheer the night time shoot or if that doesn't come about watch something. I know that doesn't sound very bad but during my time the Church really got on you for having a repasted. Because the church scoffed up all the left overs for the poor the church thought secret eating after Vespers was a sin. 
I am setting up a pop up and bringing my most period chairs and some pillows and I am bringing something I think is deliciously evil and will share it with people until I run out.  I will try to be in persona and will try to talk about things my persona would talk about. I will  be bringing my dice and things to gamble with and a deck of period cards. Medieval people loved to dice and the Church thought it was Bad. I don't know if it is a sin. We can gossip about the Court ,Ansteorra and historical ( All those hours watching the Tudors will come in handy).  We can be "Nobles gone Wild".
Elegant and decant clothes. I don't have the tubs but this is sort of that thing where nobles eat while bathing.  If you notice the ladies are wearing jeweled headdress. It is OK to wear a naughty outfit for your period but not too bad we will be in public. What is risque? that is too much for this post. 
I could use help if a few things . 
Goodies These don't have to be period. Our stomachs are the most Conservative part of our body. Anthropology's have discovered that from first hand experience. So it is OK to bring something modern that taste good. Please put it in a period looking thing. If you don't have one or forget it is OK I will bring a few in case. 
  I will need help in decorating and I can't bring a lot of stuff so I will need lighting and things. Use your imagination. A fountain or a group of Musicians. I don't have electronics. ( this is Willow the head of the authenticity brigade I don't have much of that kind of stuff. ) so a sound system hidden in the background would be nice and nice music. 
Conversation. I don't want to talk all evening and you don't want to listen so bring your wit, puns and tales and of course poetry and songs. A musical instruments would be nice. I love to dance to a flute. 
Interesting people, That is my favorite gift. 
Gambling things, broken jewelry, non broken things, bits and pieces. anything you believe that would induce someone to put something up. Your favorite period game or a SCA version of a period game. 
I will see you there even if I am in a litter. 
Call or write me if you have a question.  I can't remember the exchange 794-4075
Love and excitement to everyone
Duchess Willow DE Wisp , a really Wild Noble for her time. 
Yum, Yum eating Sugar in the Dark!!!
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