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Party at Willow"s house!!!!!
 Tee hee,

On Sat, Aug 14, 2010 at 11:53 AM, willowdewisp at juno.com <
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> Are any of you up for an "Living Arts" experience. At night time at Chemin-
> Noir''s Fall of of the Dragon I plan to be an Decadent  Noble for my Living
> Arts activity.
> I plan to eat fun and evil food and watch and cheer the night time shoot or
> if that doesn't come about watch something. I know that doesn't sound very
> bad but during my time the Church really got on you for having a repasted.
> Because the church scoffed up all the left overs for the poor the church
> thought secret eating after Vespers was a sin.
> I am setting up a pop up and bringing my most period chairs and some
> pillows and I am bringing something I think is deliciously evil and will
> share it with people until I run out.  I will try to be in persona and will
> try to talk about things my persona would talk about. I will  be bringing my
> dice and things to gamble with and a deck of period cards. Medieval people
> loved to dice and the Church thought it was Bad. I don't know if it is a
> sin. We can gossip about the Court ,Ansteorra and historical ( All those
> hours watching the Tudors will come in handy).  We can be "Nobles gone
> Wild".
> Elegant and decant clothes. I don't have the tubs but this is sort of that
> thing where nobles eat while bathing.  If you notice the ladies are wearing
> jeweled headdress. It is OK to wear a naughty outfit for your period but not
> too bad we will be in public. What is risque? that is too much for this
> post.
> I could use help if a few things .
> Goodies These don't have to be period. Our stomachs are the most
> Conservative part of our body. Anthropology's have discovered that from
> first hand experience. So it is OK to bring something modern that taste
> good. Please put it in a period looking thing. If you don't have one or
> forget it is OK I will bring a few in case.
>  I will need help in decorating and I can't bring a lot of stuff so I will
> need lighting and things. Use your imagination. A fountain or a group of
> Musicians. I don't have electronics. ( this is Willow the head of the
> authenticity brigade I don't have much of that kind of stuff. ) so a sound
> system hidden in the background would be nice and nice music.
> Conversation. I don't want to talk all evening and you don't want to listen
> so bring your wit, puns and tales and of course poetry and songs. A musical
> instruments would be nice. I love to dance to a flute.
> Interesting people, That is my favorite gift.
> Gambling things, broken jewelry, non broken things, bits and pieces.
> anything you believe that would induce someone to put something up. Your
> favorite period game or a SCA version of a period game.
> I will see you there even if I am in a litter.
> Call or write me if you have a question.  I can't remember the exchange
> 794-4075
> Love and excitement to everyone
> Duchess Willow DE Wisp , a really Wild Noble for her time.
> Yum, Yum eating Sugar in the Dark!!!
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