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The viola da gamba (often refered to as a "gamba", "viola", or "viol") is the sister of the guitar, cousin of the violin, incestous mother of the cello, and obscure aunt of the contrabass.

It is a bowed version of the guitar which shares the same tuning as the lute: six strings,  seven frets, flat back, bent neck, sloped shoulders (giving it more round portrait than the violin). It was a popular consort instrument during the Renaissance and was a highly respected solo instrument during the 17th century among the well-to-do in England and the nobility of France.

There are two major styles of gamba playing: division viol (from Italy) and lyra-viol (from France). A division viol is a style of playing where the musician takes a melody (or a ground bass) and plays rapid ornamentatioj based off of the source material; whereas lyra-viol (lyra-way) treats the viol like a bowed guitar, complete with its own modified form of tabulature and chordal techniques.

I will have one with me at Glaslyn Artisan and I would be more than happy to show you more if you can make it out.
-A.S. Zorzi
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What's a "gamba"?

I see a brief mention of a "Violas da Gamba" in the instruments-msg file in the Florilegium, but no description of what this instrument is, or how it differs from others. Although from this, I am assuming it is a stringed instrument.


On Aug 15, 2010, at 6:08 PM, Jeffrey Clark wrote:

> I am hoping to introduce a unique style of gamba playing at Glaslyn next
> weekend, however all of the music that I can find for the instrument is
> relatively obscure to the SCA (or just post-period). Therefor, I am going to
> have to intabulate something; so, I figured I would ask: what are some
> popular and well-known period (or period sounding) songs in Ansteorra?
> Also, if there are any vocalists who are going to be at Glaslyn next weekend
> and would like an accompanist, I will have my gamba with me and can play
> with you; just send me music.
> -Alessandro-Sorenzo Zorzi

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