[Ansteorra] Kingdom Leatherworkers- you are permitted to answer some arts questions

Casey Weed lordhanse at gmail.com
Mon Aug 16 12:05:43 PDT 2010

Bryn Gwlad, Mecca of the arts, has a new leatherworking guild, of which, I,
Hanse Kleermaker, am the most famous member.  We would like to solicit the
learned elsewhere in the kingdom for your input.  Feel free to answer if you
are lettered, have a Thistle for leatherworking, or an equivalent proof of
your expertise that qualifies you to address our august guild.

On to the questions at hand:

1. Does anyone know anything about *actual sources* for water proofing
recipes?  I don't want to hear "I heard..." or "so-and-so once told me..."
Either cite a reliable source or just keep working on that Tandy
rainbow-unicorn keychain kit and keep quiet.

2. We've heard acrylic tub and sink repair stuff works great as a food safe
sealant for leather vessels.  Looking for the wisdom of others on this. What
brand? How long does it need to dry? Cautionary tales about careful
application? Does it affect taste?  You Spanish/Italian dago personas can
skip answering- if you'll drink your local wines you can't possibly tell if
something has gone off.

3.  Tandy's stamp collection is not entirely suited to the medieval leather
worker; are there more sources out there for tools?  Seeders, circles,
backgrounds that are more varied?  Failing that, are there any affordable
machinists that can follow single syllable instructions?
(Scots/Celts/MasterIvar need not apply)

Humbly Yours,

Hanse Kleermaker
Rescinded (Rightful) Baron of Ravensfort
Most Hansdsome Dutchman: 1599-1603
"Down with the pretender, du Val!"

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