[Ansteorra] Can someone confirm/deny for me?

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This question comes around on the Git-tar every few years (*grinz*)....here
is the answer from *last* time:

While I haven't seen Ivar in years...I *did* hear (also apocryphally, but
from reasonably reliable sources) that he *would* allow it to be written
down, but that he would *prefer* (note that this is the author's *wish*, not
some kind of command) that it be learned or taught in the oral tradition. 
However, Good Gentles, If you are going to learn this piece, you should also
learn the story behind it.
So sit back and fill your mugs, because Uncle Alden's Gonna Tell a Story.
Once upon a time, deep in the mists of History (some thirty-years-or-so
ago), there lived in the fair Kingdom of Ansteorra, a Master of Arms, named
Ivar Battleskald. Now remember, good gentles, that MoA's are accorded to
have the skill, prowess and duties of Knighthood, save that they do not
swear fealty to the Crown (originally for religious restrictions; but
sometimes, and now more commonly, for personal reasons.)
One fine day, at an Inter-kingdom War, Master Ivar came upon a group of
out-of-Kingdom Knights (...decorum prohibits me from saying which Kingdom);
who were discussing the meaning of Fealty.
Ivar joined the group, and listened carefully for awhile. At one point, he
spoke up, and ventured an opinion. The Knights (to a man) looked down their
noses at him, and one said: "What would *you* know of Fealty? You're *just*
a Master of Arms!" 
Ivar nodded, agreed with the Knights, and quietly left the group. He retired
to his tent, and proceeded to write "Born On The List Field" in one sitting;
which he performed that evening in Court. 
No-one ever questioned his understanding of Fealty again.
In Service, I remain
Alden Pharamond

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Audette wrote:

> I have been asked by an old friend to record the song for them, and they
> have
> indicated that the request to not record it has been lifted.  For obvious
> reasons, I am very leery of doing so unless I can confirm from another
> source that this is true - can "Born on the Listfield" now be recorded?

First I've heard of that.  Unless you hear it from Ivar Battleskald
himself, I'd be leery of it, too.

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