[Ansteorra] General event question

Hugh & Belinda Niewoehner burgborrendohl at valornet.com
Tue Aug 17 01:37:51 PDT 2010

Feasts are very important to me and have caused me to travel just to 
attend the feast.  I agree with Eve that the best and most interesting 
feasts are those that are period.  Period food can be delicious.  I also 
enjoy the ones with what I consider the proper atmosphere--servers (and 
I've seen some servers even provide a good degree of entertainment).  I 
don't like cafeteria style in restaurants either.  Having the menu 
published is essential to making a decision.  My husband is allergic to 
poultry and I prefer to avoid pork.  Most of the feasts we attend have 
enough variety in the courses that we both get more than enough to eat.  
But we have seen menus where almost every course contains a form of one 
of those items.  Although it is more work than most providers are 
able/willing to do, I have most appreciated the few feasts where a 
vegetarian option was provided (one Steppes' Twelfth Night had an 
alternative for every course--that was impressive).  But I do not think 
that all feasts should have to include that option.  That being said 
every feast should contain some vegetables, even if it's just salad. 

Taverns are wonderful for lunch and breakfast, but would be 
disappointing for the evening meal in my opinion.  For wars the food 
courts have had enough interesting choices that we don't bother bringing 
our own food anymore.  It also saves the pain of doing dishes.  But then 
wars are another matter.

It saddens me to hear more and more that groups (including where we 
live) are finding it harder and harder to find places with adequate 
kitchens.  So often I hear, "Well, we don't have to serve a feast."  
This is true and I will probably attend a local event anyway.  But I 
really feel disappointed and will probably not stay as long.  It is my 
opinion that feasts are a very important part of the SCA.  When telling 
outsiders of what we do, it is often the description of the feasting 
that brings a light of interest to their eyes. 

Feasts are a lot of work and require much time and energy both in 
planning and at the event.  I would like to therefore extend my thanks 
to all those that have worked so hard to make them possible.


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