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Tue Aug 17 04:27:54 PDT 2010

At 10:26 PM 8/16/2010, you wrote:

>How big of factor is offering feast at an event? Would that be the deciding
>factor whether you came or not?

Not normally. I can typically feed myself/my family for less than a 
feast fee, but if there *is* a feast I'll buy it to support the group.

>If the sponsoring group had a tavern
>instead, would that be a better idea? Meal ticket options would be offered
>as well.

That, too, would be a viable option, but I'm slightly less inclined 
to go to a tavern than I would be to a formal sit-down feast.

>Would your prefer to know what you are being served, and it being a
>great meal, or something period.

I'm one of the fortunate folks who don't need to worry about food 
allergies, so knowing what's being served isn't *that* big a deal for 
me. As for the choice of "great meal" vs "something period" why can't 
it be both?

>What if there was a cooking competition for
>period recipes, and a regular good ol meal for feast, using the word regular
>loosely. My question I guess would be what kind of food arrangement, if any
>would most prefer.

I'd prefer period or period-ish to blatantly modern food (roast meats 
as opposed to, say, hamburgers or pizza.) I've been served a lot of 
good period food over the years, but then again, I've been served 
some less-desirable period food, too (recalling a fish with rose 
petals course from many years ago.) If your cook is doing something 
unusual or exotic that shouldn't be the main course, so if people 
don't like it they won't starve.

Stefan's Florilegium has an huge section on food and feasts: 

>Would feast alone ever be the only reason you went to an

Probably not, unless it was something like Steppes Twelfth Night or 
Bryn Gwlad's Candlemas, where the feast pretty much *is* the event.

         -Tivar Moondragon

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