[Ansteorra] General event question

Rose rose_welch at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 17 08:26:29 PDT 2010

I hate cooking on site. I mean, I'm not a big fan of cooking in general, but cooking on site is worse, so I really prefer events with some kind of dinner on site, or, as a last resort, with nearby fast food places. I really don't like going off-site for dinner, though, unless a big group is going. Even then, it's on the bottom of my food preference list.

Feasts are okay, but here's the deal about feasts: They're generally feasts too damned
boring, especially when I have children with me, and especially when the folks at the long table take the
opportunity to lecture their captive audience. (Hey, if you have to
keep telling the feast patrons to 'Atten!", it means something. :P) So
if there's a feast, I'm usually serving or working somehow, which is
much more entertaining.

I guess that taverns are my preference, because it's the most convenient, and the food is friendlier, without being completely mundane, like going out to eat is. (I really prefer not to go off-site to eat. :P) All day taverns with seating are even better, because you can drop in for a bowl of whatever and sit down with folks in the middle of the day, which is just... friendly. :P Also, you can get three meals at a tavern for about what you might spend on one feast or one fast food meal.


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