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Subject: [Ansteorra] Ffynnon Gath War of Ages Updates

Just some updates on our event coming up October 22-24th.

As many of you may already know, John of Severn will be elevated to the
Order of Chivalry at our event.  This event was already epic in proportion
but now it is twice as amazing!

I wanted to remind folks of a few deadlines;

Merchant sign up is October 1 - so if you plan on having a merchant booth at
the event please visit the website to sign up.


Acceps should be up soon, and we will have feast reservations open up until
Acceps closes.  Usually two weeks prior to the event.  I'll send out another
update once Acceps is open.

We will be setting up Wiki pages for each of the armies soon.  This is where
you can sign up for either side ahead of time, discuss the scenarios, and
talk about strategies.

Volunteer sign up will also be available through the wiki pages.  But if you
want to sign up for something just contact me directly and I'll put you in
touch with the right people.  Opportunities to volunteer include; Gate,
Security, Kitchen, Serving, Voice Heralds, Field Marshals, and Water

There will be a war chest for prizes.  So fighters, please remember to bring
largesse for the chest.

Please pass the word about the event - we look forward to seeing everyone

Centurion Robert de Bray
Event Steward - War of Ages 2010

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