[Ansteorra] Can someone confirm/deny for me?

David Backlin edrei at smythkepe.org
Wed Aug 18 05:57:19 PDT 2010

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From: "Chris Zakes" <dontivar at gmail.com>
> I've always been told that a) Master Ivar wrote the song and b) that he 
> wanted it passed on as oral tradition, not written or recorded. (I'm a 
> little surprised that the ban on copying/recording it has supposedly been 
> lifted, and would not be surprised to learn that that was SCA legend or 
> someone's wishful thinking, rather than Ivar's decision.)

Didn't he also write Warrior's Wyrd (or however it's spelled) ?

I've seen the words on-line for it and someone had a recording of it a 
couple years ago at Steppes Warlord.

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