[Ansteorra] Can someone confirm/deny for me?

Hugh & Belinda Niewoehner burgborrendohl at valornet.com
Wed Aug 18 06:13:46 PDT 2010

I will repeat here what I found and forwarded to the Lady with the 
original question.  Since this comes from a 'recently' updated site and 
is Calontiri, I /assume/ the person running it has done the 
research/contact to verify the statements that are posted there:

Found this site which states that the gentleman does indeed not want the 
song written down:


> Note: Many people have inquired about learning the words to a popular 
> song "Born on the List Field". This song and some others were written 
> by Master Ivar Battleskald. He has requested that these songs remain 
> in the oral tradition and not be written down. Please respect his 
> wishes in this matter. If you truly want to learn his works, find 
> someone at an event who knows them. Feel free to contact Conrad 
> <MAILTO:sauerm at missouri.edu> if you need help finding such people. 

I /assume /the contact is for Master Ivar (whose last place of residence 
I've found is the Barony of Forgotten Sea, Calontir).  The site was last 
updated in January of 2010 so hopefully it's still current.  If "Conrad" 
is not Master Ivar, I will gladly post to Calontirlist to see if the 
Master, himself, will respond.  My husband seems to recall that at one 
time on Calonlist when this subject was brought up it was determined 
that one could write down the words long enough to learn them, but that 
they should never perform from a written source or be included in a 
'songbook', etc.  Personally, I would want to hear from Master Ivar 
before doing so.  As to the recorded performance, I'm not sure how that 
stands in the 'don't write down' request.  Is it a recording of a 
performance or does it go against the tradition originally desired by 
the composer?  I agree with His Majesty.  It is an interesting, but 
different version than I remember hearing around the campfires.


> I've always been told that a) Master Ivar wrote the song and b) that 
> he wanted it passed on as oral tradition, not written or recorded. 
> (I'm a little surprised that the ban on copying/recording it has 
> supposedly been lifted, and would not be surprised to learn that that 
> was SCA legend or someone's wishful thinking, rather than Ivar's 
> decision.)
> That it was written in response to a group of Knights saying a Master 
> at Arms couldn't understand fealty sounds plausible, but I've not 
> heard that from Ivar (but then, it's been 20 or 30 years since I've 
> seen him.) I've been told he's living in Calontir now, and since the 
> original poster said she was moving to Calontir in the near future, 
> maybe she can look him up and get the straight skinny from him.
>         -Tivar Moondragon
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