[Ansteorra] General event question

Miles Grey Kahn at West-Point.org
Wed Aug 18 15:20:04 PDT 2010

Herr Winther der Trüwe wrote:

> How big of factor is offering feast at an event? Would that be the
> deciding factor whether you came or not? If the sponsoring group had a
> tavern instead, would that be a better idea? Meal ticket options would
> be offered as well. Would your prefer to know what you are being served,
> and it being a great meal, or something period.

I prefer a great meal that is period.  The two are not exclusive, and the
best feasts I've had have been period food.

The observation made by Honorable Lord Stefan li Rous said it very well:

> I have had both good and bad food at feasts. It seldom has to do whether
> it is period food or not, but rather with how good the cooks are. And
> often it is more important how good an organizer the headcook is, and
> how good they are logistics, than how good a cook they are.

I like feasts, even if the food does happen to be modern, and even if the
only thing I eat is bread, and butter, and cheese.  That's because, to me,
"feasting" is far more than eating.  I like the conviviality; bottles
being passed between tables; sitting among friends, people I just met, and
people attending their first event; the laughter; and just the all-around
fun, friendly time typical of a feast.  Because I enjoy conversation with
those around me, I don't like there to be much business conducted during
feast, nor for there to be many performers, and definitely not both during
the same feast.  Whether it's business or performances, they just don't
receive the attention they deserve during a feast, and those who are not
attending feast are excluded.  I'm not saying to eschew them entirely, but
that the number should be limited and the noise level be allowed to remain
a happy, dull roar for the solid majority of the feast.

Herr Winther der Trüwe:
> Would feast alone ever be the only reason you went to an event?

ABSOLUTELY!  I've done it before.  I traveled 6 hours to Bonwicke
precisely because they were having a traditional English feast and that
seemed particularly appealing to me at the time.

Of course, this is just my opinion, worth every penny you paid for it.

  Miles Grey

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