[Ansteorra] camp meals

Michael Gunter dookgunthar at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 18 21:44:20 PDT 2010

> If anyone is interested in first hand experiences on this, please let me know. My household has 
> been using this method for food at Pennsic for a decade or more. It makes meals ever so much 
> easier. We have good period foods, like bruets, or pompes in sauces etc, with minimal cooking 
> time on-site and minimal cleanup. Due to field conditions, we've settled on using one of two 
> grains to serve under the wet food, either couscous or rice.

> Haraldr

If anyone attended the Central Region 12th Night I did a couple of years ago at the Fisheries
Dept, I did a good 80% of the feast in Seal-A-Meals since kitchen facilities were very limited.
We had several Turkey Fryers out back to heat the large bags of pre-cooked food and then
just served it out. 
Now I do almost all my War camp cooking ahead of time so there is very little mess when
eating in camp.

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