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If you really want to get adventurous, it is possible to boil eggs in just about 
anything that will hold water.  In my (much) younger days as a Boy Scout, we 
learned that you could, indeed boil eggs in a paper bag, or even a styrofoam 
cup.  As long as the container holds water, the water will cool the container to 
the point where it will not catch fire.  Just set it on a bed of coals where it 
won't tip over.  Keep in mind that anything sticking up above the waterline will 
burn.  The styrofoam cup actually shrank down a bit as the walls got thinner, 
until the water inside cooled the walls below the melting point.  It made for a 
very interesting demonstration of physics and survival techniques.  ;-)  I 
imagine an animal stomach or other such bladder would work just as well.

I'm not sure I would try the above technique with a ziploc bag, however.  The 
slightest pointy hot spot tends to put holes in the container, leading to damp 
coals and a big mess!  ;-)


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On Aug 18, 2010, at 9:08 PM, Haraldr Bassi wrote:

> If anyone is interested in first hand experiences on this, please let me know. 
>My household has been using this method for food at Pennsic for a decade or 
>more. It makes meals ever so much easier. We have good period foods, like 
>bruets, or pompes in sauces etc, with minimal cooking time on-site and minimal 
>cleanup. Due to field conditions, we've settled on using one of two grains to 
>serve under the wet food, either couscous or rice.

What is a "pompes"?

Did you pre-cook the rice and add it to the bag with the rest of the food and 
then boil them together at camp? Or did you use the boil-in-bag rice packaged in 
the little bags with the holes in them and boil them separate from the other 
bags and then put them on the eating plates separately?

> We've taken to using a similar method for our breakfasts making eggs. I 
>understand that we've recently identified an Andalusian recipe titled "Eggs in a 
>Jar", which uses a disposable glass bottle to cook eggs. Our method uses 
>disposable freezer zipper seal bags, which is a wee bit less expensive and 
>doesn't leave shards of glass in camp.

Could you please send me a copy of this Andalusian recipe and perhaps your 
redaction or post it here? Surprisingly, I don't remember ever discussing this 
recipe on the SCA-Cooks list, although I seem to remember some mention of 
cooking eggs in a plastic bag. Is this a regular plastic zip lock bag or one of 
the boil-in bags which tend to me made of different materials?


> I'd be happy to expound on either or both if there is interest.
> Haraldr
>> For those who want medieval meals, this works just as well, as for those who 
>>just want modern
>> foods. There are many period stews and bruits, soups, etc that should work well 
>>this way.
>> bag-cooking-msg (50K) 4/25/08 Using plastic bags to warm pre-cooked foods at 
>>SCA events.
>> Vacuum food sealers. 
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