[Ansteorra] Can someone confirm/deny for me?

sirburke at cox.net sirburke at cox.net
Thu Aug 19 07:55:11 PDT 2010

---- "Robert G. Ferrell" <rgferrell at gmail.com> wrote: 
> Audette wrote:
> > I have been asked by an old friend to record the song for them, and they
> > have
> > indicated that the request to not record it has been lifted.  For obvious
> > reasons, I am very leery of doing so unless I can confirm from another
> > source that this is true - can "Born on the Listfield" now be recorded?
> First I've heard of that.  Unless you hear it from Ivar Battleskald
> himself, I'd be leery of it, too.
> Cynric
I agree with Cynric,

I have not heard anythig about the no write/record rule being lifted.  A good part of the special mystery of this song is that it must be passed from bard to bard in the same way the the old songs from period usually were.  Last I heard Ivar was up near Kansas City.  I would try and get in touch with him directly before assuming that the rule has be lifted.

Sir Burke
who remembers frighting just plain old Ivar (no titles yet) in the old days.

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