[Ansteorra] Can someone confirm/deny for me?

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The term woman is gender-specific in common English. The term man is not necessarily, and less so in period. A three-man tent may shelter people of either or any gender. Fighting men may be women, just like firemen or policemen. Unless the context clearly implies males, the word 'men' just means 'humans', or possibly 'adult humans' or 'worthy humans'.

Nothing in the phrase "the men who know it in their hearts, the fighters" implies women are excluded. Unless you are inclined to read it that way.


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> I have always felt that it should be sung by the men who know it 
> in their hearts, the fighters, and have wisely left it alone. 
You do realize that men are not the only fighters, nor are all knights male. I'm sure there would be a few women mightily insulted by the implication that they could not truly understand or feel this song from their hearts. 
~Eve - who has been known to fight, even if she's not very good at it and hasn't done it in this kingdom yet. 
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