[Ansteorra] The Devil went down to Gothic

Roger and Sabrina Hooten rshooten at suddenlink.net
Tue Aug 24 13:45:27 PDT 2010

Having been inspired by events transpiring... I felt an urge to weigh in on 
the impromptu bardic by the esteemed Damon Xanthus.

(To the tune of 'House of the Rising Sun' by the Animals)

The Lay of Gothic Lands

There is a place in Gothic lands

Lain neath the setting sun

A jewel set high in the Ansteorran crown

Now poised to come undone

Sing now of Honorable Jarl Hrafn

A man both strong and true

He strove against the growing dark

Til his foe; he had his due

They say he met his bane upon

A field both lonely and cold

And through his rage he rose again

A ruin both tragic and bold

Ansteorra call your banners true

>From North and South and East

To come all haste to Gothic land

and join the Carrion feast

We'll strive to form a bulwark strong

And hold the dark at bay

Win back the heart of Jarl Hrafn

Win back the light of day

Our loves cry not for our soldiers true

Marching off to strife

To cleave the darkness from Gothic land

And lay low the bane of life

There is a place in Gothic lands

Lain neath the setting sun

It calls to blood of Sable and Gold

To fight til the day is won

All will fight til the day is won.

~L Ricard Valentinius Parvifeles; Glaslyn.

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