[Ansteorra] A Call to Arms - War of Ages

Brandon McDermott brandonsmcd at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 25 07:27:15 PDT 2010

Good my Brothers and Sisters,   


  I hope this missive
finds you all in good health and good spirit. I recently acquired the position of General
of the Azure Army at the upcoming War of Ages in Ffynnon Gath October 22-24. It
now falls upon me to recruit an army. I have, as is the custom of my time,
already called upon those to whom I am or have been indebted, as well as those
in turn to me.  While those already
amongst us are strong and fierce indeed, we are but a handful of well prepared
souls. This is, as you have no doubt already surmised, my most humble request
that you rally your kith and kin to join our cause and take up what arms you
may against the General of the Ansteorran army, Sir Gaston. Do not think my
words or actions treasonous. I do not seek to harm nor even to ransom my
Brother Gaston, but rather quite the opposite. I endeavor to rally a force
worthy to face my Brother and ensure the preparedness of not only his forces,
but all of those who call themselves Ansteorran. Know you that all who stand
under my banner will be well appointed, well fed, and victorious. 


To all of these things do I, Sir Lochlan Dunn, Knight of
Ansteorra, General of the Opposition, Commander of Compagnia del Azure Lyone,
and Warlord of the Steppes swear, attest, and affirm to be sound and true. 





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