[Ansteorra] How was Hellsgate's first event?

Zach Most clermont1348 at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 30 08:53:28 PDT 2010

It was outstanding!  Things were well organized, and the hall was just about the 
right size to nudge people together to start interesting conversations.  A ton 
of people showed up with lots of neat work in practically every medium to show.  
There were a slew of knowledgeable laurels sharing great insights.  One 
highlight for me- Czina made a coracle, which is a little round boat built from 
a cow skin and a wooden frame sort of like a basket.  Maelgwyn carried it down 
to the lake and a few of us got to take rides.
  Gaston de Clermont

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Being far too far away, I was not able to come.

Tell me good stories, please?

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