[Ansteorra] Shameless off-topic out-of-period post

Cat Clark drchelm at rocks4brains.com
Sat Dec 4 19:30:17 PST 2010

I'm breaking one of my own personal rules and posting something that
has no relation to SCA things - but I would ask that you consider
reading this post regardless. What this is about is a missing person.

Because of  my experience in remote sensing and geophysical techniques
that are useful at abandoned mine sites, I have donated some of my
time to a missing person search effort. There is some reason to
believe that the missing person or evidence that may lead to her may
be at an abandoned mine site - but if you have any experience at all
out in the western American deserts, you know that being able to
safely search such sites is difficult.  It has been a strange journey
for me.  Along the way, I came up with a new and safer way to use
search dogs for investigating old mines and spec'd some downhole
equipment that the search effort built and has now used to safely
investigate abandoned mine shafts at enough sites that I have lost
count. I find myself both gratified and somewhat embarrassed to have
my efforts written up in a nationally-syndicated news article a few
months back; but it is a good feeling to know that at least in this, I
have made a real and worthwhile difference for once.

I post this tonight on the SCA lists that I visit to ask a boon. A
young mother of two little boys is still missing and the one year
anniversary of her disappearance is Monday. I have personally endured
the terror of a family member gone missing. For me, the experience was
worse than news of unexpected death in the family.  And because of
that, I find that I now always look at those pictures of missing kids
on milk cartons and at the missing person fliers you see in store
windows and on library bulletin boards. Many of you already know that
for years, I have asked you to look from time to time at the website
for the Abernathy murders (www.rocks4brains.com/abernathy.php) since
the Abernathy family were fellow members of the Society. Now I ask you
to go one step further. I ask now that you download the flier you will
find at www.rocks4brains.com/FindSusan.pdf, print a copy of it and
post it at a store, truck stop or public bulletin board near where you
live between now and Monday.  Missing person cases are almost always
solved through information provided by the public, sometimes from
leads that come from hundreds of miles away!  In this, everyone can
help and make a difference. Please help Susan's family find Susan!

You have my sincerest regards,

Baronin Therasia von Tux, OP, OL, etc.
Barony of Raven's Fort, Ansteorra
(temporary part-time resident of Elbe WA;
formerly resident in the West and Artemisia)

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