[Ansteorra] Decision Meeting - ILOI 2010-11

Joseph Percer jpercer at gmail.com
Sun Dec 5 09:16:03 PST 2010

Greetings Ansteorra!

The time has come once again for decisions to be made on name/armory
registrations, submitted to the College of Heralds,
on our November 2010 Internal Letter of Intent. This month, owing to
the holidays, I will be holding the meeting at a local coffee
shop on December the 19th. If you're in the Corpus Christi Area, you
are more than welcome to attend. If you are unable to make it
but still have input, I urge you to venture on over to the commentary
exchange, and get your comments posted. Comments must be made
by the 10th of December, and anybody can comment. The December
decision meeting will rule on the following items:

1. Adena Terrickdoutter (Namron, Barony of) New Badge
2. Ætheidreda de Dunbretane (Bryn Gwlad, Barony of) New Device.
3. Aingeal Blair Mac an Ghabhann (Loch Ruadh, Shire of) Resubmitted Device.
4. Caitríona inghean mhic Lochlainn (Seawinds, Shire of) New Device.
5. Caterina Bella Rosso (Adlersruhe, Shire of) Resubmitted Device.
6. Catherine Barbary (Shadowlands, Shire of) New Device.
7. Diane Mallet (Bryn Gwlad, Barony of) New Name and Device.
8. Eleanora Elizabeth Caley (Seawinds, Shire of) New Name and Device.
9. Gavin Mac Giolla Ruaidh(Seawinds, Shire of) New Name and Device.
10. Jayme Dominguez del Valle (Seawinds, Shire of) New Badge.
11. Joanna the Spinner (Seawinds, Shire of) New Name and Device.
12. Melissent d'Aulnay (Glaslyn, Canton of) New Device.
13. Melissent d'Aulnay (Glaslyn, Canton of) New Badge.
14. Michael Snowdon (Bjornsborg, Barony of) New Name and Badge.
15. Tangwystl verch Gruffydd (Bjornsborg, Barony of) New Name and Device.
16. Tangwystl verch Gruffydd (Bjornsborg, Barony of) New Badge.
17. Thomas of Conway (Bjornsborg, Barony of) New Name.
18. Thorfinn Eriksson (Adlersruhe, Shire of) New Device.
19. Wolfgang von Sachsenhausen (Namron, Barony of) Resubmitted Device.

The link for commentary is available at:

As you can see that's quite a list of stuff and if you're able to make
the decision meeting, I'd be most grateful for your input. Again, it
be on December 19th, at 3 PM in the afternoon at Coffee Waves in
Corpus Christi, TX.

Please contact me off list if you will be attending and need
directions. The January decision meeting will be held at King's Round
Table in the Barony of the Stargate, and the February decision meeting
is tentatively slated to happen at Kingdom A&S in Bjornsborg.

Pray know that I remain Yours in service,

Jayme Dominguez del Valle
Bordure Herald

Joseph M. Percer, AAS, LP

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