[Ansteorra] Pt. 2 - Some information on Steppes 12th Night

Richard Culver rbculver at sbcglobal.net
Tue Dec 7 09:27:28 PST 2010

Speaking of trying for aesthetic though, I do have some favors to ask to help 
the feel of the hall along.

One, we would ask those who can to bring benches/chests to sit on to add to the 
meadhall look as rarely was a hall mentioned in Germanic poetry or lore without 
some mention of the benches and the feloowship on them.  We are not concerned 
with the exact look.  There are a number of sites on the internet which can give 
ideas and basic plans to even novice woodworkers.  We just want to cut down on 
the modernity as much as we can.  certainly we realize that people want to be 
comfortable and chairs will still be provided.

One last thing, for now (trying to graduate college this semester so I am a 
little fried), is we were impressed with the idea of shields hanging off the 
wall at HRMs' coronation.  Kudos to those who thought of it!  In that regarding 
and shamelessly borrowing the concept, we would like to see a number of similar 
shields hanging in Eadig Acweorna.  While we are making some ourselves, Lady Vy, 
myself and our dear and gracious Baron and Baroness would like to include our 
guests in on the opportunity.

So we ask, if you desire and are able, the folk of Ansteorra to transform simple 
cardboard (weight considerations among many issues) into either round or kite 
shields to be hangen from the walls of the hall. (if we have too many to hang, 
we'll figure out another way to showcase them.)  These can have kingdom, local 
group badge designs, personal designs, and historic- like examples from the 
Bayeax Tapestry.  

For those wanting the 3-D effect of a shield boss, I am using balls as the 
foundation of the ones I am making.  I ordered mine from this company: 
http://www.plasteelcorp.com/dylitevsstyro.htm.  I ordered 5 6" balls to cut in 
half which will then be glued to 1" deep x 6" diameter disks which I will shape 
into carinated shield bosses of the earlier period.  However simple domes will 
suffice and are much better than plain white fabric walls.

If you have any questions, please let me know.


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