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teresa hardy tresehardy at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 8 14:23:27 PST 2010

So just thought I'd do some Winterkingdom updates and reminders.
If you don't have your class description/info in to me I need asap.
If you live in the Northkeep area I have heard from a lot of out of area folk so I would like to start a crash space list.My home will be on there and I'm hoping others will as it'd be a tight fit to fit everybody at my house! ; ) If you know someone who is coming from afar and doesn't want to utilize crash space there is a list of local hotels on site.
Will be hosting a hey so you wanna help with Winterkingdoom party at my house probably very shortly after Christmas and will post date and time soon.
As  Her Excellency Mercedes said there will be a soup tavern and you can get with her on that if you'd like to donate or help.
A new improved class list will be posted shortly to the Wk site and there's a lot of great classes! We have longtime players, nobility,newer players,Northkeepers,and those from afar offering classes so it should be a rich and diverse class list.  New list should be posted next week so make sure you check that out. 
Also soon to be posted will be feast menu. And a schedule.
Also there's several children's classes offered for the youth of Ansteorra.
Our feastcrat HE Elizabeth de Calais is offering a class forum for the youth around feast please make sure to get with her about that if you have an interested child.
Lady Castllena  will have a heraldic device table set up if you need help or  answers in that area she'll be there.( I think I should seek her out myself!)
There will be a table available to display A and S projects.
Don't forget Winterkingdom offers the chance to learn, to fight(weather willing), to teach, to display, to show courtly graces, to feast,  to meet, to serve, to greet, to listen, to talk, to laugh and to be merry so please join us!
As I read back through this list I realize its a bit like chasing a cat with ADD who just ate a whole sack of catnip trying to catch a laser light! Sorry its a bit scattered but there it is.
In service to Wolfstar, to Chemin noir, to Northkeep, to Ansteorra, and to The Dream,
Lady Eve Donald


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