[Ansteorra] Discussion about SCA Future at EB College

Hanna Von dahl ebc_stewards at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 9 19:35:32 PST 2010

Greetings Everyone,

 There is a last minute addition to the class schedule at Elfsea Baronial 
College this weekend. 

Master Modius von Mergentheim, a BoD member, among many other titles,  is 
hosting a discussion about the future of the SCA and some of the recent changes 
made to Copora and the finical policies. This will be a Question & Answer period 
about matters you want to discuss. The recent survey, the newcomers coupon, etc. 

Class will be at 4:30 - 5:20 pm.

It is not on the posted schedule yet, but we wanted people to be aware of the 
discussion. This gives you time to think about what you would like to ask. 

In Service,
 Mistress Hanna & Lord Daniel
 EBC Event Stewards
 Outgoing Elfsea Artisan & Bard


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