[Ansteorra] Sad News!!!

Miles Grey Kahn at West-Point.org
Tue Dec 14 10:01:04 PST 2010

The amusement value is almost worth it, save for the hassles for the real
Rebecca.  Consider:  "hotel manager" but his or her name is not given, nor
are we told any of the information about the hotel:  name, address, phone
number, email address, the room number "Rebecca" was in, and the actual
amount owed to the hotel (which would be in UK pounds, not US dollars). 
This is because the scammer wants the money himself; if he were to provide
the information, one of us would verify the hotel information and then
learn that no "Rebecca" has been staying there, that there is no past due
amount for that room, and, probably, that there is no manager by that
name.  It's possible that the scammer would even give a room number that
simply doesn't exist at the hotel, given the variations in numbering
schemes at hotels.

Not a well-thought-out scam, but it's one that has been used successfully
in the past.  It's a standard scam.  Had she actually been to the US
Embassy as a passport-bearing distressed citizen, the embassy would have
arranged for her to make phone calls directly to friends and family.  If
you'll pardon the crude language, simply put, this person is a
prevaricating, flexible container constructed of fabric and filled with
excrement.  But I am enjoying reading this thread.  :-)

  Miles Grey

Michael Graff wrote:
> Hash: SHA1
> The key points here are that the hotel manager "won't let me leave."
> AFAIK, there is no authority for a manager to arrest you, and the police
> won't if your stuff was stolen.
> Smells strongly of a scam.  What makes it worse is the scammer has
> continued access to her account.
> - --Michael

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