[Ansteorra] KING'S COLLEGE

Alice Morrow Harris AliceMorrowHarris at austin.rr.com
Sun Dec 19 07:10:36 PST 2010

I am writing this with tears in muh eye. I came down to Seawinds for a 
Renn Faire and am covered in bruises, I'm sore from laughing so much 
with all of our friends who came to support us,  The mac & cheeses with 
bacon is all gone, Flossie got covered in stickers (as did I) and my 
truck gets poor gas mileage.
  I tried talking to the local police and they could do was ask me if I 
was in a play or something. . .  Please go to your local mail center 
and send me more mac & cheese or I may perish. I'm in dire need.


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