[Ansteorra] Combat Bolts

John iaenmor at swbell.net
Tue Dec 21 14:14:41 PST 2010

The Cubb is going to somewhat heavier on the front end.  We are talking 
grams here.  Lighter bows might notice a quicker drop than UHMW head 
bolts or arrows.  Not sure how much difference the wrap on the UHMW 
heads have made.  Doesn't seem to effect them to me.  Eadric or one of 
the other guys might have better info about the difference.  
Reconditioning the old bolts/arrows shouldn't be that bad.  Check and 
make sure the padding is still good.  If so, add the wrap and retape.  
If not replace the padding, add the wrap and retape.   Comes down to 
more of a question or time or money.  Some have the time to do it and 
some don't and can afford to buy new stuff and start almost from 
scratch.  Whichever is easiest.


On 12/21/2010 12:35 PM, Dave W wrote:
> Is there a decided preference of one over the other?  Been using UHMW heads
> that we put together years ago, but looking to get some new bolts together
> for a lower poundage bow.  Have folks noticed much difference in
> weight/range/accuracy between the Cubb/Fathead heads and the UHMW/Lu-Shan
> heads?
> Thanks in advance,
> Alexis
> That is correct.  CUBB / Fatheads are approved for Ansteorra and Gulf Wars.
> Donnchadh
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