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A simple trick that I was shown my first time out shooting a recurve - 
don't worry about nocking the arrow properly. When speed is important, 
simply put the APD against the string with the nock to the inside of 
the string. They will still shoot fairly accurately even though it's 
not nocked in the groove.
  A tip on crossbow accuracy - make sure you pull the string evenly  
with both hands to get an equal tension on both arms of the prod or the 
bolt will want to angle off target as it's fired.


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Be for APD's I was way faster with a bow but the APD's have slowed  me 
way down
or may be age has had a hand init as well.


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> It may work that way for you but I find I am much faster with a bow.
> Accuracy depends on what you personally are better with, a bow or a
> rifle/x-bow. For me that is clearly a bow but I did plenty of bow 
> when I was younger.
> The SCA's rules do put the bow at a disadvantage in range and 
> CD
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