[Ansteorra] Regional A & S Openings

John Hirling ihon.vinson.macfergus at gmail.com
Mon Jan 4 08:02:57 PST 2010

Mistress Melisande will be moving out of Kingdom very soon after an
outstanding job as the Northern Regional MoAS.  Mistress Amata is stepping
aside after two years of excellent service as the Southern Regional MoAS.

Accordingly, I am taking applications for each position. If you are
interested in serving as the Northern Regional Minister of Arts and Sciences
or the Southern Regional Minister of Arts and Sciences, please send me your
application along with a SCA résumé, a copy of your membership card and
drivers license, with courtesy copies to the Crown, the Kingdom Seneschal,
the appropriate Regional Seneschal and appropriate Regional MoAS.

If you currently serve as a local or regional Minister of Arts and Sciences
and have not already done so, please join the mailing list of Ministers of
Arts and Sciences.


ihon vinson macfergus, OL
Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences

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