[Ansteorra] Round Table "Crash Space"

William Herron fitzbubba at gmail.com
Tue Jan 5 21:28:50 PST 2010

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Hi!  I'm Bubba, and I was informed this evening that I was the
"coordinator" for anyone coming to Round Table in Wiesenfeuer on
1/23/10 that needs crash space.  (Barat gave me a chance to decline,
but I figured...what the heck.)

If you *need* crash space, please send me *private e-mail* and let me
know what your requirements are.  Specifically, how many in your
party, when you anticipate getting into the Oklahoma City area and
when you plan to head home, and if you have any restrictions with
regards to dogs, cats, children, smoking/non smoking, etc.  I'll
assume you want to be contacted by email reply unless you tell me

If you *have* crash space, please send me *private e-mail* and let me
know what you have available.  Address any issues you may have with
restrictions like a smoking household, pets/children, etc.  (If you
know that you don't want Sir so-and-so or Baroness such-and-such to
stay at your place, you can let me know that too and I'll do a little

Just a reminder that the Web site for Round Table includes information
on local hotels and motels.


(fitzbubba at gmail.com)

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