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george basore murray_kinsman at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 7 14:34:31 PST 2010

  I bid Greetings and Salutations to all goode Gentles of Ansteorra,
I am hopeful that,at least, the majority of us have had a joyful and bountiful Holiday season.
  Ansteorra has a justified reputation of living life to the fullest measure.
  We are known for our ability to be great warriors, great practicioners of the arts and sciences, great bards, AND great Revellers!
  We are also known for our generocity and compassion.
  Who here remembers the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina? The devastation was horrible to witness.
  As the debris settled, and the Feds were still trying to get to the scene, there were trucks rolling in to "ground zero" loaded with the exact emergency supplies most needed at that time. The myriad of news crews swarmed on these angels of mercy, trying to find out who could be mobilized that fast and that efficiently. They reported on live news feed, that the trucks were from some organzation refered to as SCA, and that they came from some place, evidently west of them, known as "Ansteorra"!
  the News crews may be forgiven for slightly exagerating, when they reported "hundreds of trucks", but there were many trucks that made multiple trips.
  It was humbling to observe Ansteorra's finest hour. Even more so to have been allowed to be a part of it.
  We pulled together, and donated massive amounts of supplies, money, time, and energy in the best living example of true Chivalry I have ever personally witnessed.
  Today, I come to you with an offer of a crisis of a much smaller scope, but no less desparate need for those involved.
  I refer to the plight of Duke Jonathan Macebearer, and Duchess Willow de Wisp, the first King and Queen of Ansteorra.
  They are moving to Northkeep, but the house they intend to occupy, is not fit for habitation, and both of them are suffering from dire health problems.
  I am one of a growing cadre of volunteers determined to solve their delemma.
Count Finn Kelly O'Donnell is in charge of requisitioning supplies and manpower for the work to be done, and the irrepressable Baron, Admiral Pooky is gathering the talents needed for this.
  Pooky has asked me, and their Graces have authorized me to attempt to raise the money needed for this effort.
  As the new year begins, and tax time approaches, we start thinking about what to spend our refunds on.
  I ask each of you to think hard on the idea of making a small donation to this effort. Every little bit helps. Just think of it as gate fee for an event. Can you spare $10?
  Their Graces have given so much over the years, to make Ansteorra the great place it is.  
  Now it is our turn.  4 1/2 years ago, we showed the world what chivalry means to us.
  I believe that Ansteorra is equal to this challenge.
  I have included a message from Pooky that supplies more specifics, including where to send donations.
  Their graces need $15,000 to do this, I know, it sounds like alot of money, and, well, it IS!  But, there are hundreds of Ansteorrans out there.
If each of us contributed just $10 dollars, now, and in 1 or 2 months, another $10, the monetary crisis would be solved.

  I am, and remain, in service to the Dream,

  Lord Admiral Robert Haddock, Ansteorran Royal Navy,retired.

--- On Thu, 1/7/10, Pukhta 'Pooky' Lovvek <pookyloves at gmail.com> wrote:

> From: Pukhta 'Pooky' Lovvek <pookyloves at gmail.com>
> Subject: final appeal letter
> To: "Admiral Haddock" <murray_kinsman at yahoo.com>
> Date: Thursday, January 7, 2010, 12:05 AM
> Otay this is the version I will use:
> Hiya              ,
> I'm trying to figure out what the correct way to convey
> this is but I
> haven't come up with it yet. So I'll just tell ya what is
> going on.
>  The Willow and Jon Home Rebuilding Project has hit a
> proverbial wall.
> Our puddles of funding have dried up. Those that are most
> involved
> with this project have provided all that they can / had.
> Moneys have
> been spent Amazingly Well. 400$ Lowe's 40" wheelchair
> accessible
> bathroom door's. the equivalent  purchased for 10$ at
> Habitat for
> Humanity's ReSell Store. All the water leeks fixed with 50$
> of parts,
> and a huge number of other projects provided for, on the
> cheap.
> Windows, tiles, heating, lumber all for close to nothing,
> but now the
> credit cards are maxed, the Social Security Checks are
> strained, the
> bank accounts are next to empty, the workers are
> carpooling, we could
> sure use a box of 3inch screws, and that's where we are.
> If during this week or month it would be convenient to
> donate your
> loving support, now would be the best time, while we still
> have free
> person power / laborers available.
> Willow and Jon have authorized Count Finn Kelly O'Donnell
> aka:
> Fred Ross
> 1237 South Louisville Avenue
> Tulsa, OK 74112
> 918.834.6621
> f-ross at sbcglobal.net
> to be the recipient of all things funding because he goes
> and gets the
> necessities and is the project coordinator. To make
> electronic
> fundingness occur we just created a Bank of America
> account, being the
> "Willow and Jon Taylor Refurbishment Fund" special hardship
> bank
> account and paypalness linked to it. It's not easy to write
> this kind
> of letter for someone else, but it would be impossible to
> write it for
> oneself.
> This project with everyone working on it 5-6 days a week
> will last for
> many months. Crazy situations like us jacking up the house
> and
> replacing the boards that make its foundation still needs
> to occur and
> a roof and everything in between. I have 2 lists of
> projects and they
> equal about 80  separate tasks. I've noticed that in
> accomplishing
> each project 2 more are revealed and necessary to complete
> before the
> original plan can be brought to fruition. It's been fun
> accomplishing
> and following the patterns of activity. (But then I'm crazy
> and easily
> entertained by the laws and theories of physics)
> Getting back to it,
> Jon and Willow will most likely convey their gratitude in
> the future,
> after they are done focusing on the immediate health
> issues. She is doing well
> and already feels the mental and physical benefits of
> improved blood
> flow, she stood and took a few steps Janruary 5th! Huge!
> But as for the
> now, I can attest to the fact they are "in awe" of how many
> people are
> on the (HELPERS, List of). Nothing even remotely beneficial
> like this
> has happened in their lives during the last 12 years.
> Though, such an
> outpouring of support has been necessary for at least that
> long.
> Thank you very much for your love and support during this
> time of renewal,
> Your Beloved Pooky


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