[Ansteorra] Feast for Bonwicke's Artisan

HE Chiang chiang at clearwire.net
Sat Jan 9 09:27:34 PST 2010

I am taking reservations for the Feast for Bonwicke Artisan. We are limiting the number to 100, and due to the nature of the feast will need to your reservations in advance.
 Feast will consist of either Grilled Steak or Salmon, the main reason for the advance notice, if we do not get a reservation, you do not get to choose your meat. A hollandaise sauce will accompany either choice.
 A casserole of  Rice and Broccoli with cheese
 Mushroom and Potato soup
 Followed by a dessert of Bread Pudding
If I can be of any further service please contact me. I look forward to seeing you at Bonwicke's Artisan. This is your chance to come out and compete to become Bonwicke's Artisan and/or our Champion Bard. 
Until then, I remain,
Your servant,
HE Chiang

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