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Hi I am back. I feel "good' enough to post. Boy do I hurt but I can sit upright and I am bored. 
OK back to what to do about Gulf War.
I suggested you get a notebook and take a page for each day and each person you are dressing. If you have children with you this will help you a lot. After four days with my boys I would go crazy. I had a girlfriend Lady Angus who labels each tunic for each day but I have never got it together that much.. I just made sure I had separate tubs for my boys.
If you are going for the whole week. I can tell you the first two days are very casual. Older clothes are OK and if you will need to wear mundane pants or just Tunics this is the time to do it. For me the first two days is a time to meet with my friends in households and often I get invited to household parties. I always reserved a nice outfit so I will honor my friends. Just because we are being "casual" there is no reason to let the "mundane" in the door. 
Even if you are having to add mundane things to your wardrobe you can put on a cloak or add jewelry or put on a hat to dress it up. Early period clothes are easy to work in and dress up easily. Also if you will have to wear clothing for more than two days. Wear them on Mon or Tues, shake them out and spray them with Febrez and winkle release and hang them up to air. By Thurs. they will feel fresh.
This time of the year is great for buying sweat pants. I can tell you that sweats are on the official no no list of the laurels but for sheer usefulness they can't be beat. You still have time to make some pants for your guys and there are Halloween patterns out there that are easy. 
I have to stop but I will be back.
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