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Tue Jan 12 11:27:31 PST 2010

Ok, people have talked about the joys of linen and you looked it up on the web. You can't find it for under 2.50 and you are the 99 cent girls. Someone told you to buy broadcloth and it is more expensive than Linen. 
What are you to do?
Your Walmart only has poly and the next town with a fabric store is 150 miles away.
First let us start with Broadcloth. Broadcloth is cotton and cotton is period. But I question that very fine perfect weave of Broadcloth is really period. Can humans do that kind of weave? But it does make OK under clothes and it is comfortable. But the 50 count Egythian cotton sheets are more expensive thatn Broadcloth by the yard. Go to Family Dollar and Dollar general. or some discount place they sometimes have sheets for a lot less. But be careful sometime the cheaper sheets are some thin they won't even last a war. 
I have bought sheets and tablecolthes to make clothing out of t thrift stores.  Please check the Fabric for weak spots.
Colors. The most common mistake is to buy dull colors. We represent what every medieval person would get if they could. They loved colors. The light, faded colors were what poor people worn. We are the highest class of Ansteorra society. All of us have blood good enough to be crown we should wear color.  That is what early Western culture thought. Renissance culture and Asian culture sometimes wore pastels. Asian and Perisan cultures had perfectly dyed silks one shade off another. The English court  was very light. I have often thought this was to differ it from the Spainish court which wore Black. 
If you have uninteresting fabric or old  fabric dye it. Take a old sheet dye it a deep rust and put black contasting trim and a little embrodery you have a great tunic over a deep green underdress you will stop traffic. 
My spell check won't work sorry for mistakes. 
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