[Ansteorra] Help Needed for Non-Combatant Classes at Centurian Event This Weekend‏

Susan Froebel susanfroebel at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 12 14:27:01 PST 2010

Unto the gentles of Ansteorra:

Help.  Please.

Due to
unforeseen circumstances, the class schedule for the non-combatant
track at the Centurion Event this weekend has fallen apart.  Centurion
Maelgwyn Dda prevailed upon me to take over care and feeding of this
portion of the event.

We are looking for gentles to educate or
entertain the non-combatants as the fighters learn their trade on the
field.  The three morning classes will be taught in the Curtain
Theater; the three afternoon classes will be by the list field.  Noon
to 1:00p is a lunch break for all.

I invite the musicians to join us to provide ambiance while we (and they) learn.

10:00 to 11:00 hour is currently scheduled for Tourney-side
Handcrafts.  I am slated to teach this, but would bow in an instant to
someone with more ideas than I.  This could easily be taught by more
than one person, perhaps a panel of those with a Thistle or Iris or
Laurel?  We are looking for simple things for those new to our game, we
think.  I am hoping to get a simple blackwork pattern and kit available
to them from a class I taught long ago.

If the Bards of
Ansteorra are available, I would like to reserve the 1:00 to 2:00 hour
for storytelling and poetry, particularly of feats of Ansteorran
prowess.  Are there any who will take this challenge?  We can expand
this if there is a lot of interest.

That still leaves four hours
open.  Please help me fill them.  Any time slot can be yours; the first
class starts at 9:00, the last starts at 3:00.

Here are some ideas:

One class that had to cancel was introduction to hero support.  Do you
know how to tell when a fighter hasn't been drinking enough?  Eating
enough?  Needs a break?  Perhaps you have ideas to take over that class
or create a panel on that topic.

*  Someone to inform the
non-combatants what is happening on the field during the 3:00-4:00
bridge and field battles, to teach them what they are seeing, could be
fun and useful.

Let's make this event as fun for the fighter
"widows" and "widowers" as for the fighters.  The event is free for
all.  The Centurions are paying all the charges.  Let's help them make
it fun for the non-fighters as well.

Please feel free to contact me directly at susanfroebel at hotmail dot
com or 512 913 9119.  We've got three days to make this happen.  Thank
you for your help.

In service,
Rhiannon o Goed Niwlog 		 	   		  
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