[Ansteorra] need Fabric Experts

alkudsi at aol.com alkudsi at aol.com
Wed Jan 13 00:05:18 PST 2010

I would look for something that says "linen-look" or "linen blend" in the 
fabric contents. A linen blend may be part synthetic, part linen, but should 
be OK for an underdress. Linen-look would mean that the contents may be all 
synthetic, but it at least LOOKS like linen! That would be fine for outdoor 
events in winter, and early spring, but might be a bit hot in late 
spring/summer. It would probably be OK indoors year round, as long as the AC is 
working. Personally, at my age (God WHEN did I get this OLD???? 60 is sneaking up 
on me!) I prefer to stick to linens and cottons year round because AC and 
SCA have a tendency not to go together! So many sites we use do not have AC 
rated for as many people as we stuff in, and I can still get an occasional 
hot flash!

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