[Ansteorra] Gulf Wars still needs Teachers!

Wyllow MacMuireadhaigh wyllowmacm at netscape.net
Wed Jan 13 05:30:51 PST 2010

The submission deadline for classes at Gulf Wars to appear in the on- 
site booklet is January 15th, 2010!

Teachers, artisans, performers, and guilds need to submit your class/ 
workshop/demo/competition/meeting information or ideas online now!

We will make reasonable efforts to schedule items submitted after  
that date in Gulf Wars class/learning areas, but these events may  
only be advertised on message boards on site - not in the site booklet.

For more information regarding classes and A&S learning activities at  
Gulf wars visit: http://gulfwars.org/classes.html

If you have any questions or please do not hesitate to submit them  
via the form with lots of notes, or contact lady Charmayne via  
ladycharmayne at charter.net with any questions or concerns regarding  
classes/A&S learning activities at Gulf Wars!

For more information about Gulf Wars in general, check out the web  
site: http://gulfwars.org/

Please pass this on to your local groups.

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