[Ansteorra] Tavern Bids for Eldern Baronial in April 2010

Karyl Robbins xruadhcaillaghx at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 13 14:52:26 PST 2010

The Auto-crats for the Barony of Eldern Hills Baronial Event in April 2010 are requesting tavern bids from all interested parties!  If you would be interested in hosting a tavern for this event, please send a bid to myself, Lady Fionn, xruadhcaillaghx at yahoocom or to Lord Daniel (who is actually the crat, I'm just the wife), danielrmn1 at yahoo.com.  We need to know cost, menus, would you be accepting donations, etc etc.  We would like to have Saturday breakfast and lunch and, possibly, Sunday breakfast...or at least coffee!!
Any bids must be received by the first week of February.  I know this may be short notice, but please PLEASE, put in a bid if you are interested!!!
In Service
Lady Fionn


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