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I did a "children's feast" several years ago and Macrows was a hit with the populace.
  (The children of our group actually worked with me for weeks in order to prepare a feast.)

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> "Mac-N-cheese" as we know it was actually invented here in the states after the Revolutionary War by the personal chef of one of our founding fathers..... Now cheesy ravioli ......

Yes, the "macaroni and cheese" that is often touted is more along

the lines of a vegetarian white lasagne. I did a version of this for

12th Night a couple of years ago and it was very popular.

Think of long strips of pasta topped with ricotta and parmesian cheese,

sprinkled with spices and melted butter in layers. 

It is also good when rich beef or chicken broth is used instead of

the melted butter.

Hungry yet?

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