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I like to have an clean underdress for each day. Even if the day is dry the dust get everywhere and there is grit in your clothes by the end of the day. I do wear an underdress and over tunic all the time. It wouldn't be seemly to go about in just my underdress. but I am a Laurel and a Lion and I am crazy. In period it would be indecent to show my arms. 
In Period drawing you see ladies wearing what appears to be a single garment. Normally it is and cotehardie,  The normal T-tunic isn't an cotehardie but if you make it fit to the body it will look like a 13-14 dress.  You can dress this garment up by wearing a hood . 
Hoods can be made of decorative fabrics and bright colors.    They are good for men and women and if they are dagged they are really fancy. They are simple to make and don't take up a lot of room. They act as a sweater on a cool night and if you make a waterproof one they are great for working in the rain. They can keep the sun off your head. 
According to some research some of the dagging seen in pictures comes from cutting fulled wool. I don't have it but some of our Laurels have done research on this. 
It was explained to me if I wanted to full some wool. I should take my wool and throw into the hottest water I could and wash it. This would shrink the wool and mat it. Giving it a felt like feel. Then you could cut it and it would not unravel. I have never tried this. Please post if you have.
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