[Ansteorra] Mother of Ansteorra & Her Great Gentles

Deborah Wade rhiannonferchcian at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 15 13:34:01 PST 2010

I have to passon a favorite memory of Her Grace Willow's dedication to Ansteorra.
Some years back she had the wonderful idea which she then put into play.  For a year a subtle and dance would be presented at a feast by a different group of artists.  We had European dances and Mideastern dances, original and historical, solo and group.  Subtles of a wide variety Swans stuffed with cream, cockatrice and cakes of all types.  She coordinated with people from all over the Kindgom working closely with each group of artists to make sure we would be able to have everything ready for the event we agreed to take on helping us procure anything we needed to make the presentation happen.  She was at every presentation across the Kingdom to support the Artists involved and helped us to celebrate the triumphs and supported us when things did not go exactly as planned.
Bonwicke’s Dance troop was the last group in the progression presenting an original Pavane composed and played by one of our members.   With a representation of the Kingdom as a cake (4 ft by 6 ft) marking the groups with castles and towers and a translucent Blackstar rising from the Western edge of the cake.  We transported 10 dancers, the cake and four people to carry the cake from Bonwicke to Middleford (Coperas Cove) for the Coronation of Dinar and Margo. 
Thank you, Your Grace,  for giving us the opportunity to have this wonderful experience as a part of making your vision of the SCA and the Middle Ages real.
Rhiannon ferch Cian


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