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It's a poorly design quiz, with no content validity or construct validity.  The answers do not form a partition, so it's easy to find questions for which all answers are incorrect.

It assumes that 2001+ miles is an extremely large amount of annual travel, rather than four trips to other baronies in a year.  That may be true for some kingdoms, but not Ansteorra.  It also assumes that all mid-range artists are costumers.

It measures persona by costumes, time, place and invented story, but not authentic manners, attitudes, style, honor and philosophy. 

It measures commitment by costumes and camp gear, but not field gear, fighting equipment, arts supplies, banners and heraldic insignia, etc.

It assumes an artist is more involved in the SCA after peaking than when learning her art, and that somebody who went to several Pennsics in the seventies and eighties is more hardcore than the fighter preparing for her first war right now with stars in her eyes.

The highest level of activity at an event is met by wearing a costume, taking part in one activity, and drinking beer.

It would be easy to invent two hypothetical SCA people, with one far more active and involved, who nonetheless both got the same score.

Take it as a game for fun, if you like, but don't take the results seriously.  Like most Internet polls, it tells you much more about the writer of the poll than it does about yourself.

Robin of Gilwell, OP, OL, Centurion, Don, Baron, Lion, but only 68% hardcore / 
John Rudin, Ph.D., instructor of graduate statistics

(He's impressed with critiquing SCA-period movies for accuracy?  *I* critique SCA quizzes.)

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>OK I got a 60%. The percentage seems right, but I'm not sure of the discription.
>The Queen's Champion
>You scored 60% hardcore SCA!
>You are really involved in the SCA. You probably have some really cool garb. You put a lot of work into playing the game and making sure its fun for others too. For a lot of folks an event wouldn't be the same without you. You probably have a tendancy to over do it sometimes. You may need help knowing when to say "No" or when to stop sewing and go to bed. 
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>> This cropped up on the Midrealm list and I thought I would share:
>> http://www.helloquizzy.com/tests/the-hardcore-sca-test

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