[Ansteorra] getting the Stink out.

Sher M runa.herd at earthlink.net
Sat Jan 16 14:36:07 PST 2010

I like Odor Ban.  It knocks out wet dog smell so it should knock out sweaty 
almost anything else smell.  It doesn't leave (to me anyway) an after smell 
like Febreeze.

Lady Runa of The Thundering Herd

From: "Elizabeth Crouchet" <elizabeth at crouchet.com>

> Yes vodka spritzed onto an object and left to air out will be help.
> Isopropyl alchohol 70% (not 90%, stronger is NOT better in this case)
> spritzed onto sweaty or stinky items and left to air out will also help 
> with
> the smell as it will kill the things that grow and cause the stink in the
> first place. Vodka has similar effects.

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