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Bree Flowers evethejust at gmail.com
Sat Jan 16 22:23:00 PST 2010

Yes vinegar does remove odor. I use it all the time on dog urine (less
now that we have a dog door for them, but I used to have to use it
frequently when we both worked and they were home alone all day). I
have also heard that you can boil it on the stove to remove odors from
the air in your house. It does leave its own odor behind for a while
though, and it takes a while to dry, so it would be unsuitable for
deodorizing armor over lunch if you wanted to fight again in the

While at war I tend to just strip my stuff off and spread it out in
the sun to let it dry and sun-bleach. This works wonderfully for me.
Some people build armor stands, but if I spread it out it gets more
sun, and really, it's not like my armor never touches the ground when
I'm wearing it, so what's a little more dust? Even if you're
Duke-Sir-never-dies you still plunk down in the dust for a rest or at
the very least take a knee when the marshals call "hold". It's armor,
not an heirloom quilt :)

Then when I get home I launder those bits that can be washed
(under-pads for knees and elbows that are just modern volleyball pads
and my gambeson, pants and jill). Everything else I spread out on the
floor of my living room and give the whole lot a good a generous spray
down with vodka and let it dry for an hour or so. And of course, if
the stuff comes out of the wash and still isn't springtime fresh, then
it gets the vodka treatment too, or sometimes I pre-treat it before
washing if it's extra stinky and I anticipate a problem.

I'm thinking a "how to clean your gear" article might be a good thing
for the floregium. Anyone have any advice for removing "war trim"
(that dirt that coats the bottom inch of your hem and just won't come
out), sweat stains, blood and the other common perils of war and
fighting gear? How about tips for cleaning more unusual costume
materials like leather or fur? Tips for cleaning tents, especially for
getting mildew out? You send it and I'll happily compile it into one
cohesive article.


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> That is very interesting. someone told me vingar might take out scent. Does that work,'?
> willow
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