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I don't know if this still holds true, but one thing I learned when I worked in a fabic store years ago was that to get out ink on fabic, pat it, don't rub, with a cloth with hairspray on it. Don't spray on the ink, it will circle & just make it worse. 

Of course fabrics have changed as have ink formulas, so there is no telling. I would test on a hidden piece first.


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> On Jan 17, 2010, at 12:23 AM, Eve wrote:
> >
> > I'm thinking a "how to clean your gear" article might be a good thing
> > for the floregium. Anyone have any advice for removing "war trim"
> > (that dirt that coats the bottom inch of your hem and just won't come
> > out), sweat stains, blood and the other common perils of war and
> > fighting gear? How about tips for cleaning more unusual costume
> > materials like leather or fur? Tips for cleaning tents, especially for
> > getting mildew out? You send it and I'll happily compile it into one
> > cohesive article.
> That would be wonderful!
> I have been saving some of the messages in this recent thread for a 
> Florilegium msg file, along with a few on cleaning garb which came up 
> a while back. Message files are good and give a multitude of opinions 
> but prepared articles are better organized and often easier to read.
> There are situations that are somewhat specific to the SCA which 
> aren't going to show up in many general stain removal guides such as 
> the fur and leather. And linen. I don't much modern athletic gear 
> which is made of linen, or maybe not even that many natural fibers.
> The "war trim" that originally occurred to me was the various colored 
> stickers that end up on your armor after various battles or wars. :-) 
> But those will usually come off with some WD-40 and/or Goo-gone.
> I think the main comment I've heard on skirt hems was spraying the hem 
> area with Scotchgard or something similar *before* going to events 
> with a lot of dust and mud. I don't know if that works for those red, 
> clay soils or not.
> I think there may be some info on treating tents with mildew stains in 
> these two files in the STRUCTURES section of the Florilegium:
> tent-care-msg (28K) 8/14/05 Care of tents. waterproofing, washing.
> tent-fabrics-msg (41K) 3/25/98 Fabrics and treatments to use in 
> tents.
> It's best to make sure your tent is dry before putting it away. I've 
> also had problems when I did erect the pavilion in the backyard to 
> dry, but didn't get to it soon enough and it rained on the tent. 
> That's not too bad. The problems was the oak leaves which had 
> collected in the sagging areas of the tent roof and then sat in the 
> pools of water there for a while. :-(
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