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On Mon, Jan 18, 2010 at 12:18 PM, mikea <mikea at mikea.ath.cx> wrote:

> Robert Fitzmorgan opened the ball with this:
> : I have no problem whatsoever believing that government officials didn't
> : bother to do their research before spending lots of money on something.
> : Seems like the standard MO most of the time.
> I agree that that is a statement of opinion. I disagree about it being
> limited to elected officials; we have no idea who was involved in the
> research or lack of it that led to that particular (pseudo-)quotation being
> put on the Korean War Memorial.
> It also is a slam at the government officials who are conscientious,
> careful, and worth at least what they are paid. As a government official, I
> resent, and am entitled to resent, baseless broad-brush denigration of me
> by anyone, and I am entitled to protest it in the forum in which it is
> made.
> I have said my say.
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    I will absolutely concede your point that many government employees and
elected officials are competent,conscientious and responsible people.  I
myself am an employee of the State of Oklahoma, and try to be all of the
   I am however quite confident that I can defend the position that much of
the money spent by the government at all levels is spent foolishly and
without forethought.  A great deal is spent despite decades of evidence that
the spending is having precisely the opposite effect as it's stated goal.

   If you seriously want to argue that this is not the case I would be happy
to have that discussion, however this is not the proper venue.
   I did not intend to make a blanket condemnation of all government
employees, nor do I think that I did so.  Stating that many people do X is
not the same as stating that all people do X.  It was not my intention to
stir up a big political discussion.  It didn't occur to me that anyone would
take exception to a statement that the government often spends our money
   I apologize if I gave offence.  It was not my intention.
   If you wish to continue this discussion, you have my email.


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