[Ansteorra] From the Inactive Section-Positive Notes

John Yates valstarr_hawkwind at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 19 00:59:26 PST 2010

Greetings from one of the Inactives who remain on the list!

   It seems like there are a great deal of positive things going on around the kingdom right now--and going out of kingdionm as well.

   With HRM Owen and HRH Jean-Paul, it seems certain this Gulf Wars will be a rocking one to remember..then Lillies..and even Pennsic should be rocked by Ansteorrans, as well!

   It's enough to get out even some of the Inactives, who can still see there are a lot of cool people and things going on, positives in the Kingdom, out and about for an event or three!

Valstarr (whose first event was (now Duke) Lloyd von Eaker's second coromatin)


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