[Ansteorra] Apologies to Willow and Ansteorra

Jeffrey Clark jmclark85 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 18 10:45:43 PST 2010

To Her Magnificent Grace Duchess Willow, and the noble gentles of the
Stellar Kingdom of Ansteorra do I, Alessandro, publicly send my deepest
apologies and regrets.

On Friday, January 15 I posted an insulting letter addressed to Duchess
Willow to the Ansteorra mailing list.  The letter was intended to be a joke
for its shock value; however, the stress of losing my job and troubles with
school clouded my judgment and prevented me from seeing just how insulting
it would be, and how wrong my actions were.  I sincerely and deeply
apologize to Duchess Willow, to the Kingdom of Ansteorra, to all of the good
gentles across the Known World who care for the Mother of Ansteorra, and to
anyone else offended by my grievous error.  I have shamed myself, and in my
shame I apologise.

And to Duchess Willow, your response, your immediate forgiveness to someone
who assaulted you brought me to tears.  Please, you were not the cause of my
anger, and you did not deserve my attack.  I most humbly beg your

I pray that everyone can give me a second chance to earn your respect and
contribute to our Kingdom, with a newly-found humility.

Alessandro Sorenzo-Zorzi

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